Friday, 22 November 2013

Bucilla Kits

One of the girls over on MSE bought one of these kits to make for xmas and I was so taken by it that I bought not 1 but 3

I cannot sew so this could be interesting. I am aiming to make these for Xmas 2014, plenty of time you say but bearing in mind I've just completed a scarf I been knitting for two years

I have purchased them on ebay from sellers in America so they took two weeks to come and there was no import duty tax because they were reasonably priced.


  1. My full apology if it was me whose post you saw. I brought my first 2 kits and fear I have started a new, time consuming and expensive addiction but oh so fun and festive!

    1. Please dont apologise, thank you for pointing them out to me. They look gorgeous

  2. Hiya, how has the sewing been going? I've splashed out on some new kits as Amazon seems to of suddenly dropped the price. Weirdly they seems to go up and down daily but I've got some new stockings for around £12 with free shipping :)