Monday, 21 February 2011

Digi Scrapbooking

As those of you that knows me knows, I have been a bit under the weather lately and as I`m taking it easy have decided to try a whole new skill set

I downloaded a digi scrapbooking program free from here, along with free templates. And have been learning how to use it.

This is some of the pages I`ve come up with so far

The one below is a template from  : you can subscribe to the blog and Iris will send you links of some beautiful templates completely free of charge

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Woohoo Bingo

I recently started playing on a new site on the internet, its called woohoo bingo and can be seen here

Its completely free and they dont ask for any card details. Its a great site that has lots of friendly people, I`ve met people from all over the globe, example, colorado, england , wales. Theres a few rooms to go in , some have Cm`s some dont, some have chat games and some dont, its your choice.

The idea is to sign up, go in and then every day your account will be charged up with 1500 free points. You then play bingo to your hearts content. If you win, you will win stars of various values. You can win bronze stars, silver stars and gold stars. You then save up your bronze stars and exchange for silver stars, save up your silver stars and exchange for gold stars. When you goto the shop you can exchange your gold stars for some great prizes including vouchers and gifts.

The vouchers can be used in amzon, Tescos, high street. Theres even sweetie hampers for all you chocoholics out there.

If you run low on points in a room  with  a CM they ask whos low and award you some points. You can also go on the main page and do challenges to get some more points. Some challenges bump up your daily points recharge so I suggest you try them.

Also theres a big bingo session at 7pm and 9 pm where theres lots of Gold Stars up for grabs

Over all this is a great site with friendly players and friendly CM`s , I found this is not a site that seems unfair by rewarding the same players all the time. Its a good honest, open friendly site, which I check into a couple of times a week

If like me you like this site then please vote for it on this link as they deserve to be site of the year in my opinion

Saturday, 5 February 2011

MMMM cupcakes

I ran out of cases the other day so had to improvise using cupcakes, I made the sponge mixture up as usual and drooped it into the ice cream cone and cooked the cake. I then piped vanilla butter cream on as usual and decorated with a flake, they came up lovely and would definately use them again

I had a few people over on Wednesday 40 in total so as well as the cupcakes I made a fresh strawberry tart, this is it before I piped fresh cream on it

These ones are chocolate orange and though they tasted yummie, IMO they were a bit sickly but the chocoholics loved them

Birthday Card for Gent

I made this the other day, it was easy to make and came out alright, I made it for my other half using acetate, I``m stuggling at the moment because I cant get motivated, not sure why

Passing you test

I made this for my friends son who`ve just passd his test, its a simple design, made because i`m struggling at the moment having lost my mojo