Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mini Pamper Kit

Using some of my charity finds the other day , I made a mini pamper kit.
The gift bag was from ebay worked out about 10p
The dove was a free sample by signing up for a news letter
The bath bomps 9p
The bath flakes 10p
= Total cost 38p

Finished item
Ribbon and gift tag from stash given to me

Pint of Socks

I started with these ingredients:

1 pair of socks  (6 pairs £1 Leeds Market)
1 Flannel 19p Wilkinsons
1 Glass (8 for £1 ) boot sale

Put it together like this :

And packaged it up with Santa Cellophane and ribbon and a distressed ink tag

Snowman Soups

I made these last year and they were that popular I`ve decided to make them again.
Its not my verse one of the girls on MSE got it for me and if its yours can you let me know so I can credit it to you
This year I`ve done some milk chocolate, white chocolate and a mix of the two.
Then I `ve put in some chocolate buttons, marshmallows and attached a stirrer (candy cane)
I then topped off with some curly ribbon and the verse

Friday, 24 September 2010

Pots Of Snow

 Today I decided to make some pots of snow. I took some jars from the £1 shop, 4 in a pack and some various ribbon from Hobbycraft

I  put double sided tape around the lid of the jar, decorated with ribbon and put the snow verse on one side and a topper on the other

I then filled with toffee bonbons

The finished jar

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Charity Shop finds

When I go into charity shops , I usually leave empty handed, is it me or are they getting expensive, some sell books for £3 a paperback. Today I wandered into some I`ve never been before.
I found 8 baskets for 60p , 2 gold sprays 60p, A love heart pot 50p. A pack of M& S bath sachets 10 for a £1 and bathbombs 9p each.
I`m going to use these in various hampers and the 8 baskets I`m going to spray gold and use as pots og gold (fingers crossed)

BM finds

Theres 7 full size shower gels in a pack Madde to look like pencils, they`re very large, all different flavours and glittery, ideal for pamper hampers all for £5

I love these retro lip balms, all in the disguise as sweets . Theres 5 in a pack for £2.99, I will be seperating them and putting them in to hampers

At the moment BM have lots of playboy gift sets in, they are good value, in this one we have eyeliner, mascara and two eyeshadows which represents excellent value for £2.99
Dandelion Sticker - Mad about Cards
Flowers - Samuel Taylor
Topper distressed using Distressed Inks

Forever friends backing paper - calco
Sentiments -Kanban
Ribbon - Hobbycraft

This card was great fun tomake
Reindeer cut out of various coloured card using a silhouette SD
Sentiments Kanban
Backing Paper - Calco

Sister In Law Card, Boys 18th, Art Deco, Feminine, Miss Hoodie

Card made using kanban topper
Paper doyle
Flowers from Samuel Taylors
Label inked using disress inks with shaver brush and suitable peel offs

All items used on this card are from Kanban.
Apart from the sentiments from Imag e nation

Parisian Lady - Kanban and card
Sentiments Imag e nation
Flowers - selection from ebay layered

Butterflys from Mad About cards
backing paper - samual taylors
Sentiments Kanban

Flippin decoupage - Imag e nation
Backing Papers - Calco

Thursday, 2 September 2010

18th Birthday Survival Kit

In here was 18 things taken from the list below...
I think the ones you pick should be relevant to the person

Starburst – For that quick burst of energy when you need it most, some are for older people

Plaster – For when things get a little rough

Penny – So you can never say you are broke

Battery – To recharge yours so you can keep on going ... and going ...

Marbles – For when you have lost yours

Rubber Band – To give you that extra bit of flexibility to meet the targets

Eraser – So you can start each day with a clean slate

Crayons – You make everyday bright and colourful

Mint – You are worth a mint to me

Candle – You are the light of my life

Paperclip – To hold us close together

Match – We are a perfect match

Popcorn – You are always popping into my thoughts

Stick of gum – Let us stick together

Puzzle piece – Without you I am not whole

Crayons – To make our friendship bright and beautiful

Happy Face – Smiling is contagious

Mint – You’re worth a mint to me

Puzzle Piece – Without you I am not whole

Tooth Pick – To pick out the good qualities in everyone

Plaster – For healing those hurt feelings

Tissue – To wipe away the tears of sadness and joy

Button – Sometimes it is best to button your lip

Crayons – May your future together be bright and colourful

Mint – your worth a mint to each other

Paper Clip – To help you hold it all together

Stick Of Gum – To help you stick together

Puzzle Piece – You are an import piece of each others life

Button – Sometimes it is better to just button your lip

Eraser – Because everyone makes mistakes

Crayons – For brightening my day and always warming my heart

Candle – For being my guiding light

Battery – For all of the times you never gave up on me and kept me going ... and going ... and going ...

Pack of Seeds – Thank you for helping me to grow

M&M’s – Because you are a “Marvellous Mum”

Confetti – To celebrate you ... The worlds best mum

Crayons – To colour all of your days bright and sunny

Happy Face – Have a happy retirement

Teabag – Retirement is one long tea break

Mint – Retire“mints” are when you stop living at work and start working at living

Candle – To make your future bright

Penny – Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves

Pack of Seeds – So all of your dreams can grow like the garden of your dreams

10p – to be able to phone home

Party feet – For all that dancing

Tea bag – Sit down, relax and have a drink when the visit is over

Mint – You're job as a Grandad is worth a mint

Candle – To be their guiding light

Tissue – For cleaning up those little messes

Cotton wool balls – For when you can't hear yourself think

Marble – to replace the ones you will lose

Boyz night in hamper

In this hamper is cans of pop, crisps, popcorn and a supercars DVD and Little Britain DVD

Sams 18th Birthday cake - sweets sweets and more sweets

Tomorrow my twins are 18, the girl part has moved to Wales so I ordered a cake from Sainsburys from her, a balloon in a box and took lots of hampers down to a friend to be delivered tonight

The boy part lives at home and hes not a big cake eater, but loves sweets so heres his "Birthday Cake "

The blue square with sam on is actually a lolly I covered, theres a couple on the cake. The other ones at the back