Saturday, 20 February 2010

Top Gear Notebooks

Continuing from my Top Gear Shower Gel, I decided to make some notebooks. I bought a basics notepad from Asda 9p and a set of 10 pens from the Pound Shop.

I printed the top gear picture after abit of editing to put the boys names on and the question, Who is Stig?

I then laminated the pictures and fixed them to the notebook.

I also laminated a piece of silver card to attach to the book to slot the pen in

An attractive notebook which works out about 25p

Top Gear Crafted Gifts

I been thinking of things for men in my life and have spent this morning making some things for their christmas hampers. The first thing I got was a 10p shower gel from Tesco and peeled off the label, which was easy to do, I then printed a suitable picture and laminated it, I used adhesive then to fastenen it to the shower gel, it came out quite well I thought and not too expensive. I`m now going to make some girly ones with the 9p shower gel from Sainsburys (its green). I`ll have to check Asda out though so what colour their smart price shower gel is

Sunday, 14 February 2010

At last Rupert Rainbow

I have spent the last three weeks learning myself to knit, which is a great achievement as I`m left handed, and I`ve learnt right handed.

My first project I got from where there are loads of patterns, I choose the free rainbow baby pattern. And i perservered until he was complete. I`ve put a photo up of him and christened him Rupert.

I was knitting him for charity but my 17 year old daughter snaffled him.

I`ve since purchased Jean greenhowes Scarecrow family and am currently working on the grandfather, I`ll let you know how I get on. Its slow because I have problems with my hands, but rewarding

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I havent been feeling too well lately so my partner and I went off to Scarborough for a few days.

We were amazed to see it had been snowing, so on arrival at the hotel. "The Clifton" we had a meal and settled down to an evening in. It was a lovely 3 course meal, but no where near good value for money at £22 a head. The room was clean and roomy and had a tv and coffee making facilities.

The next day we had a stroll through Scarborough town centre, the charity shops were amongst the most expensive I`ve seen, but I did have some Christmas mugs, not cheap, but affordable.

We had lunch at Mother Hubbards, reknown for their fish and chips, and I`ve bought "The Scarecrow Family knitting pattern by Jean Greenhowe so watch this space.

I`ve been learning to knit for three weeks, so I`ve bit the bullet, bought the wool and the pattern, and I`m going to make a family (fingers crossed) Grandparents, parents and children.