Monday, 25 November 2013

Candy cane Reindeer, friendship teabags and cards

I made 30 cards at the weekend, but a friend was desperate for some to send to family so I had to let them go. I kept 3 as shown below and will have to crack on with mine

I also made a friendship teabag, all od 1 and some candy cane reindeer, these are sweet and are given to the smallies who come to see my christmas decorations every year

Friday, 22 November 2013

Bucilla Kits

One of the girls over on MSE bought one of these kits to make for xmas and I was so taken by it that I bought not 1 but 3

I cannot sew so this could be interesting. I am aiming to make these for Xmas 2014, plenty of time you say but bearing in mind I've just completed a scarf I been knitting for two years

I have purchased them on ebay from sellers in America so they took two weeks to come and there was no import duty tax because they were reasonably priced.

Ladies Beauty Bag

Over on MSE (my favorite forum) One of the girls has come up a challenge for us to get rid of our craft stash, so I joined

I have to make 500 items before I can purchase anything new

Technically these are not crafting but I used up bits I had around the house to make these little beauty bags, I made 6 for the girls in the family

The conditioner was in the £ shop
Shampoo and hot air oil boot sale big bag full for 50p

Tissues HB 5p
Soap was in the above bag
Bathbombs and pearls were collected over the year from gift sets I had given me

The bags I got from a warehouse when they were selling off a pack of 12 for £2
I got the bows at the smae warehouse

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Decoupage Frames and boxes

I have some items in my craft room that were having no use whats so ever. So decided to jazz them up a bit

I took some glue and backing papers, which I tore into small pieces

I then coated a small part of the photo frame with some PVA glue 

Attached the small pieces of backing paper onto the glue 

Then painted some more PVA onto the top of the paper  to seal it 

Keep adding pieces until the frame is covered

Do a small section at a time as the glue dries quickly

If required put a final coat of PVA onto the frame to seal it

I did the same with the small boxes and made a matching set

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas Cards

I`m really struggling this year to make my Christmas cards, usually by this time I have made 200-400

I`m ashamed to say so far I have made .....2

I`ve shown them below

Christmas cards are easy to make, you can make them out of anything. Use your imagination and you can make them for virtually no cost. People say they are a waste of money, not very environmentally friendly and they are giving the money to Charity.

Remember charity cards in supermarkets sell at £2 a pack and 10p actually goes to the charity

I personally love to receive Christmas cards and keep them every year. When it gets near christmas, I take out my cards from the year before

If the person has passed away, I keep their cards and the rest I make gift tags out of

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Christmas Cushions Reindeer

I was at a store this week and they had this lonely cushion that had a clearance price of £1, well |I took pity on it and it fell into my basket

I love the trend of reindeer at the moment but things are so expensive

So I took out my trusty cutting machine and using the iron on vinyl from Creative Transfers

I found a reindeer silhouette and cut it out

I then placed it on to the cushion and covered with a wax paper

And ironed it

I left the item to cool down and removed the protective film

I deliberately placed it as a jaunty angle because I never do anything straight and you only get one chance to iron this on

I think its come out great and will now hut for other cushions to make some more

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Simple book marks - Easy christmas craft

Take some wooden lolly / craft sticks

Some penguin toppers

Colour them in, I used permanent markers but you can paint them

Attach the penguin using strong adhesive, I used two penguins per stick

I then used peel offs to decorate the stick

When dry, I popped into a cello bag and added a topper

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Eliz Shaw - After Dinner Puddings - Tree Decorations

 Take some

Eliz Shaw mints

Some ribbon


 Cut out some scallops, circles and icing from the card

You can use a cutting machine, Silhouette SD, Cricut, Craft robo, a punch or freehand

Attach ( using sticky fixers ) the scallop to the mint

At this stage if your making tree decorations attach a piece of ribbon

to the scallop attach a round card `pud`

Attach the icing to the pud and dot some circles to give a pud like texture

For tree decoration stability I recommend putting a circle of card on the rear

Put some green glitter glue at the top for holly and red for cherries

I also made some variations using the same technique

I bagged some up into a cello bag and attached a topper

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Christmas Coasters - Ceramic Tiles

Christmas Coasters made out of everyday ceramic tiles

I managed to find a pack of 25 coasters on offer at the DIY store for £3

The paper serviettes were from Christmas last year

And modge podge I love

Firstly I applied  a thin layer of glue to the ceramic tile

I then attached a paper napkin square, trying very hard to avoid the air bubbles

I then coated the napkin with some more modge podge

At this stage i`d recommend 2-3 thin coats to seal the napkin

When dry I sealed the tile with spray vanish

I used some felt squares on the rear to avoid the tile having direct the surface it is used on

The best way I found to give these as a gift 

Is to wrap a pretty ribbon around them and a tag

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Silhouette SD Craft robo Cutting files - Christmas Crackers and Poinsettias

I was looking in the silhouette store for a DIY Christmas cracker to make my own and finding nothing that was suitable 

I made my own
So here they are free for you

I dont mind anyone having them but could you link to this post please

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Recycled sweet tins

If your like me and use tins for storage this idea will appeal to you

Take some sweet containers

Paint all over with blackboard paint

I gave them 3 coats thinly applied, with a through drying in between coats

I then used a chalk pen to write on the contents

The reason I've used chalk board paint is because as the contents vary, I can change the writing on the tin

If you have a family like mine, they open every tin to look inside
this way its written on the side ( for stacking) and top