Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pint Glass and Silhouette Cameo. Free file

I made this glass for a relative, I find men are so difficult to make cards for, so I`m going to make some different silhouette files for them.

And heres the free file for you to use with your silhouette SD or Shilhouette Cameo

Friday, 20 January 2012

Pianos and The Silhouette Cameo

I needed an anniversary card and thought these lovely 3d pianos would be ideal

They`re files I designed with my Silhouette Cameo...the free file is available for download here. It was made by me on angel policy terms and is for you to use


I seen these pianos on a blog and if you let me know I will credit them to you.

The flowers are from wild Orchid crafts, the music paper is hand-drawn onto parchment paper

Thursday, 5 January 2012

My good fortune to share with yourselves

as a member of the crafting community I have always found crafters honest and loyal. as a caravanned club member (rv) I have found the same. I choose my friends wisely experience have taught me many lessons. but here I want to share my good fortune with yourselves. when I was away before Xmas . I came home and realised I had left my most precious jewellery behind in the safe. I remembered after 5 days on the way to a funeral. on coming back from the funeral I phoned royal carribean international and told them what had happened and they said that they're very sorry but nothing was handed in and every part of stateroom would have been checked. I was gutted. the reason being the things in the safe was mainly a charm bracelet. it was welsh gold the sane as the royal family uses in their wedding rings. but what was so special about it was over a period of years (25) my late mum and my children had added charms to it. for instance when my twins were born she got a charm. birthdays and Xmas . sentiments cannot be replaced so I it put a bit of a downer on Xmas especially when oh had got me a charm. I phoned insurance and they said fine get a quote. well what a shock. the values of the pieces have gone up so much. £5000 in total, I was amazed . phoned insurance back. to be told it wasn't insured. it had to be insured separately. it wasn't the money I wanted . it was the bracelet. well feeling abit disgruntled by the whole thing, I fired off an email to royal carribean, practically accusing them of theft because I knew exactly where it was in the safe. the box was the same colour as the safe , it was standing up on a blind spot in the safe and asked could they double check the safe as it was not visible in there you would have to put your hand in and feel about. I am so cautious with these things that I even hide them in the safe lol. carry them on me and never put them in to my luggage. I couldn't believe something in a safe . in a locked room could disappear. well I just got a phone call and you' ve guessed it . they have my jewellery. woo woo woo. you can not believe how happy I am . I wouldn't even let anyone talk about it I was that upset. there is a slight problem. it's 200miles away in London. but its locked up and I'm driving down to get it . they did offer to post it and it would be insured but I'm taking no chances. never again. so whoever in the world who found my jewellery. thank you so much I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope one day I meet you to thank you personally.