Monday, 28 July 2014

Lemax Christmas Village - The Start

To start a village purchases are required

So to kick it off

A train set

This was purchased to give us an idea of the area we would need for the village

i want to make the village with a British twist so the Caledonian Belle was a good choice.

OH soon got it out of the box and has been `trying` it ever since

I then seen a Cable car and I just had to have it as it reminds me of Snow
Snow reminds me of Christmas, lots of logic there I see

Downside, I have to find a transformer as its a working item and will transport my skiers up the mountain , ( the one i haven't got)

If anyone spots a bandstand can they let me know

I`ve wanted a model bandstand for so long

Friday, 25 July 2014

Back again - Decoupaged Coffee table - Travel

First an apology

I have been absent from this blog for a while as I haven't really been thinking of Christmas

I have been making Christmas cards but they were simple ones as I needed a large quantity (500)

So with that in mind, here`s a little inexpensive gift you could make for someone special

I got mine in a skip, it was broken on the top (wish I`d photographed it)

And here it is:- 

A decoupaged coffee table

I used :- 
A coffee table from the skip, 
Backing papers
PVA Glue
Travel slogans printed on my printer

I apologize in advance for not photographing it in each stage but I wasn't going to blog it. But I`ve decided to revive the blog to cataloge my diary of building a Christmas Village and other Christmas Craft Fair items

I digress - 

To make the coffee table, take some matching backing papers and tear into pieces.  The bigger the pieces the easier to work with on a big area

Paint a small part of the coffee table with PVA glue and place your first piece of paper on, any angle , any size.

Work a bit at a time or glue will dry before the next piece is applied

On placing the 1st piece of backing paper onto the glued section. Paint all over with the PVA. Continue to work all over the table. If like me you`d like slogans along the side, I found it best to decoupage the whole table sides included, then place the slogans on and paint PVA over the top.

I then applied small pieces of backing paper over the slogan , taking care not to cover the lettering.
These were also covered with PVA Glue, so the whole table was covered. 

I left this to dry overnight, I then applied 3 more thin coats of PVA glue drying between each coat. 

When totally dry, I vanished the table with 2 coats of varnish, drying between each coat

Dry thoroughly between each coat
Build layers up using thin coats of PVA then varnish