Saturday, 30 April 2011

Craft Fair Makes

First I stamped and painted with watercolours my Forever Friends Teddy. Onto 300gms Watercolour card.
Then using my Silhouette Sd I cut out the toppers in Raspberry Champagne Creative tones cardstock bought from Samuel Taylors
The  Flowers and Ribbon were from Wild Orchid Crafts

Realising I couldnt then fit the card into an envelope, I used my Silhouette Sd to make a box, which turned out fairly well for a first attempt but I will have to use thicker card I think

When I wanted to make some mini pamper hampers shown below I realised how much giftbags had increased in price . Unbelievably .......So I attempted to make some of my own. The winnie the pooh one was handmade using some tissue and papers and a lenght of rope. The embellishments are all images found on the net. The tree bag was a download from Silhouette America. I had to make some ajustments to resize and found it needed some adjusting from the original download as the sizing was wrong. I used a piece of blue cardstock and a ribbon from Hobbycraft. But all it cost was some time and a few pennies

 This is the contents of my mini pamer hampers.
And an image of the finished packaging, before putting the things in I wrapped them in tissue paper
These are everyday pegs Topped with ribbon and embellishments with magnet superglued to the back

These magnetic post it note packs were beer mats run through my xyron machine to attach the magnetics, covered with My Minds Eye Backing Papers Summer attach a pen and a post it note and packed in cello wrappers
Laura Ashley & Kate Knight backing papers were used to cover these notebooks. They were then packed with a little pen from £1 shop .

Some pen sets for school. Packed and adorned for sale. Also a small present for end of year for teachers. Thanks to some great offers at Vistaprint

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Handmade Flowers

I decided to try my hand at flower making. I ordered some from the internet at Wild Orchid Crafts and thought while I wait for them to come, I`ll try these

I used my silhouette SD machine to cut out and used to Pinflair to glue from Create and Craft. After drying I coated in Cosmic Shimmers Iridescent Watercolour paint. They came out better than I thought but were very time consuming.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Coniston (The Lakes)

Well what glorious weather we`re having.

We decided to go on an outing to the Lakes. We loaded up our motorhome and packed the dog in and off we went (not). It wouldnt start, so after much to and fro-ing, jump leads and bumping we were off.

We got a mile down the road to a car park and hitched up our little smart car....horror upon horror, we got half a mile and the thing was all over the road. We stopped , un-coupled it and started again. We rang the manufacturers for a quick tutorial on how to hitch up and everything was as is , we were doing it right, no they didnt know what was wrong.

We set off again, everything fine then a couple of mile later , off it went again, what was wrong with this thing. Swaying all over the road..

We stopped took it off again, checked it all. Thought perhaps we did this wrong, perhaps we did that wrong. Perhaps we did nothing wrong.

Back into the premier inn car park we went ......they were fed up of seeing us I think , 3 hours had passed and we`d travelled 3 mile from the house.....!!!!

We went through it all again, check this check that , drove around the car park 20 times, it was we went again. We stopped after 2 miles, everything was still ok so to the Lakes....

We drove all the way upto the lakes, no problems what so ever apart from the narrow roads and our outfit being 11 metres long. But we arrived and pitched up for the night.

The sun was still shining and everything was rosey, sat outside overlooking the Lakes , wine glass in hand. What bliss. It started to get dark so we called it a night and retired.

We usually take a Tv for evenings as I`m usually tucked up at 9 o`clock, worn out. Unfortunately we had no signal and TV was out so I read instead which didnt matter as I was soon asleep.

Next morning we awoke to the birds singing and the sun beating down on us...beautiful. I walked into the bathroom. The floor was flooded , we had a water was from the tap fitment so we just had to live with it until we could get home and book it in the garage. No hardship.

We set off to the village in our little care, sat outside eating the biggest ice cream I`ve ever had, a great ice cream palour at the Morning star Hotel in coniston.

We thought we`d head back to the site and take my little corgi down to the lake as he`d had his ice cream but was wanting a bit of a run around.

We parked up and off he ambled, (he dont go fast) he has little legs. He fell over , dont know why but hurt his front paw. He couldnt walk and had to be carried back to the car. We went back to the pitch where he layed down feeling sorry for himself. He was ok but limping, so my OH lifted him in and out of the motorhome. On the one occasion he tried to do it himself he fell and hurt his back paw.

He was now a sorry sight and we decided to give him some pain relief and see how he went.

Next morning he was a bit happier and seemed not to be limping so much , so we had a quiet day around the site and kept on eye on him.

I said to OH lets take the camera down to the Lakeside, it was a short distance away and take some photos. He then confessed he forgot the camera....!!!


So thats my tale, we came home, the MH is booked into garage next week for a new battery, its in the week after because it has a water leak. The dogs limping but is happy and to top it all, they lost my new car, its on a transporter somewhere between here and Liverpool. At least they think it is, they cant find best I write this week off and start agin next week.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Baby Boy

I made this for a Baby Boy that was born recently.
 I used gingham papers.
A swatch of blue/white fabric.
And a Kanban topper
The Greeting topper was from a selection found at a car boot sale, the lady was selling off, they were very cheap and I bought a carrier bag full

Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter Card & Verse

I`m not an Easter person, being  a Buddist, but friends of mine are and so every year I make an Easter Card for them. They`re in their 70`s and a lovely couple so I wanted something for them both.

The papers are from a selection of " mymindseye" summer papers
The bunny is cut out on my Silhouette SD
And coloured in with Promarkers
The flowers was a selection from Samuel Taylors
Peel offs from Kanban
Butterfly from Hobbycraft

The verse I got from a collection on my laptop, it was loaded on about two years ago and have no idea from where

Thursday, 14 April 2011

A moment in Space (Card)

 I decided to make a Space theme card and cut out some decoupage printed from a CD I had by Create & Craft, it looks alright for the card front but i thought it was a bit boring. Sooo........

Inside I created a scene with a spaceman, planets and a verse. The planet in the centre is fixed with acetate so when the card opens it springs out at you.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Teen Card - For the girl who has everything

I think teenage cards are a minefield - they change their tastes so quick so its hard to know what they`d like.

I made this card for my niece who`s 15 going on 20 as you all know what I mean - she seems quite "posh" but as to her tastes they vary week to week

Gems and embelishments from a lovely seller from Thai Land

The handbag embellishments were picked up on a trip to Hobbycraft

Monday, 11 April 2011

Tennis Card

Following on from my jungle card, I thought I`d make another expanding card. See what its like, it seems to be ok but it was so fiddly and you had to measure and cut out all the bits I wonder if it was worth it.

I suppose the next one will be easier. The score board I found on the internet and the tennis man was a decoupage from Kanban

Thursday, 7 April 2011

3D Jungle Card

I am very fond of giraffes and when an opportunity came up to do a jungle card I grabbed it with both hands.
This card is like an expanding book.
I used pipe cleaners for the branches and the leaves are wire and tissue paper.
The backing is a camoflage paper from create & craft.

I did originally make it for a new born as they wanted a jungle theme but felt I`d like to send something more traditional, so changed it to birthday
It was great fun to make, if a little fiddly and have lots of ideas moving around the old grey matter, hopefully this will start my mojo off as seem to have lost it lately