Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Village with a Silhouette Cameo

My friend Kelly over on Silhouette plus made a lovely little village as seen here , shes an inspiration to us all with her Silhouette and often shares files with us free for personal use , available to download on her blog.

So on seeing her village on returning from holidays I wanted one too. There was only 7 days to Christmas so I had to get my skates on.

As I started making it I was thinking of other things that could be added , so I had a good old rumage in the silhouette america store and find some bits to add. And some I made myself. It turned out pretty well in spite of the short time.

And thanks to Kelly I made a beautiful Christmas decoration at vitually no cost just time.

Heres my attempt to  show you my village

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Where have I been?

Sorry to disappear like that, but I`ve just come back from nearly 3 weeks cruising the med, just what I needed to recover from my heart opeation before getting into the swing of things....I find myself way behind from being well in front...

Heres where I went..

Portugal was the first port of call

 The bridge in the background we had to sail under and was waiting for the tide to change to do so, over on the hill you can see Jesus atop a statue watching Lisbon ..

This is the Rock of Gibraltar and me shopping in Gibraltar

Then we moved on to Palma De Majorca

Then off to Barcelona , where I found a boot sale/flea market

Then I had a couple of days at sea to recover..

Then off to Italy

Here I`m holding up the leaning tower of Pisa....well someone has to do it....

Then off to Rome, these are the famous Spanish Steps, the pope had just left....

Cistine Chapel...Missed him Again

Went to St Peters Square as well...

Drat missed him....

We then set sail off to Naples, where we visited Pompeii

It ws under volcanic lava for 2000 years, its amazing, they`re still digging it out.

This lady in centre of photo is a real person, the skeleton is inside the lava....

We sailed on...

Fruit carving by chefs...

Towel Art by the cabin boy one of the many things he did
We sailed onto Sardinia

and Spain but OH forgot battery charger.....aaarrrgghhhh

But I forgive him as he booked this holiday as a surprise for me to recover and I`m not sure if I have as Im totally worn out..

So apologises for disappearing but Im back ...