Saturday, 23 January 2010

Card making day today.

Havent been on lately as I been doohoo ing and seem to have a bit of problem with revenge ratings. Being new dont really know how to complain but I have emailed them.

I decided to make a valentines for my partner who likes ducks, in the little scroll on the front is a secret love message.

My mate has been ill so I`ve made him a get well card, hope he gets better soon, and I also made a cousin card ready for my cousin in May

Inside its a slider card, the first one of these I made, but its come out ok, might be a bit heavy for posting though

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Matching Mans Web addresses & Things to do books

Its my partners birthday in a couple of weeks and I like making things for him because he appreciates all the effort I put into hand made things. These came out better than I thought and were prototypes for future Christmas presents.

Son Cards

Today I made a couple of son cards for my stepsons, I always try to personalise family cards and the one son has just purchased a new car. So I got his topper off the internet, its a picture of his car suped up.

The other is a builder and has a great sense of humour so I thought I`d do him a funny card, clipart available by googling what you want.

Monday, 11 January 2010

More snow, wedding card

Woke up this morning to find it had snowed again...colleges were shut, so on looking through so MSE forums found the Year Long Project forum.
This week they were making carrot cake, so never having tasted one before I made one, it was lush.

I then came up and made a wedding card and a mans birthday card.

Dooyoo, should be renamed Do Yoo, they keep taking points from me, if someone rates a review not useful, they review it and take 500 points away. Not good that. I`m a bit disillusioned with it at the moment.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lazy Sunday 2 ladies cards and 1 man

I spent the day having an organisation day in my craft room, I put all the christmas craft away and tried to tidy up. One thing I found was all my ribbons loose everywhere.

So I found an old CD holder and put them all on there, wish I`d thought of this before. I could really do with some new storage but money wont allow at present.

After my sort out I made some cards with a couple of friends birthdays coming up so I made 2 ladies and 1 man. They dont photograph well because I used silver Miri board.

I was telling people on MSE that I`m learning to knit, I purchased Knitting For Dummies and have learnt to cast on , after 4 hours, and I can Knit and Purl and Cast off. Unfortunately I use both hands to do everything so I have been having difficulty knitting but I will keep trying. I`ve stuck a label on my lead hand now so I know which one it is.

Last night I got completely confused by Knit 1 , purl 1, I couldnt remember where I was, was the wool front or back....what a mess, so now I`m knitting whole rows one at a time, practicing

Thursday, 7 January 2010

www . fancy address book

I posted this on MSF last week, to use an address book as a place to save your favourite web addresses.

Today I`ve decorated a cheap address book I had lying around the house, this is the 1st one I`ve done and I`m quite pleased with results.

In my hampers for christmas/ birthdays I`m going to enclose one of these, themed for the recipent.

First I printed the label onto my decorative paper www . my favourite web addresses, but obviously you can print individual ones. Then stuck the paper onto my address book, i then put some borders on and a peel off butterfly.

Added a piece of ribbon and voila.

Cant wait to make some more, individual ones.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Just two cards today for my partners birthday

One of the cards is the same as yesterday, as i loved the colours and the second is something different

I pleased with them but the "travel one was very fiddley and as it was the first of this type i can see where i could enhance it if i done another.

I was going to use travel peel offs but realised i only had a car so I had to compromise with some toppers, which was a shame because i wanted to colour co-ordinate it. And the snow prohibits me going anywhere.

The childrens colleges have closed, so we`re at home, floyd loves the snow though and sits quiet happily in it.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow stopped play, so in today

I made some cards and re-organised my craft room, the world at a standstill as the snow hasnt stopped since 7am. My partner took son to work , about 5 mile away and was gone 3 and a half hours, hold ups everywhere. The colleges and schools shut.
Chaos, but hte view out of craft room window lovely

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Birthday cards for ladies

My ambition is to make a few birthday cards a week and possibly some xmas cards.
These are 3 I made for ladies of various ages

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Cocktail Sticks with a difference

On a visit to Harrods last year, i found ones similar to these at I think £6.99 for 8.

I came home and got my thinking cap on, i could make some , so here they are..

I used clip art to put two pictures the same on a piece of paper approx 3cm big, i then cut them out.

I got some cocktail sticks and using double sided sticky pads I stuck the images to the cocktail sticks.