Saturday, 31 December 2011

Christmas Village with a Silhouette Cameo

My friend Kelly over on Silhouette plus made a lovely little village as seen here , shes an inspiration to us all with her Silhouette and often shares files with us free for personal use , available to download on her blog.

So on seeing her village on returning from holidays I wanted one too. There was only 7 days to Christmas so I had to get my skates on.

As I started making it I was thinking of other things that could be added , so I had a good old rumage in the silhouette america store and find some bits to add. And some I made myself. It turned out pretty well in spite of the short time.

And thanks to Kelly I made a beautiful Christmas decoration at vitually no cost just time.

Heres my attempt to  show you my village

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Where have I been?

Sorry to disappear like that, but I`ve just come back from nearly 3 weeks cruising the med, just what I needed to recover from my heart opeation before getting into the swing of things....I find myself way behind from being well in front...

Heres where I went..

Portugal was the first port of call

 The bridge in the background we had to sail under and was waiting for the tide to change to do so, over on the hill you can see Jesus atop a statue watching Lisbon ..

This is the Rock of Gibraltar and me shopping in Gibraltar

Then we moved on to Palma De Majorca

Then off to Barcelona , where I found a boot sale/flea market

Then I had a couple of days at sea to recover..

Then off to Italy

Here I`m holding up the leaning tower of Pisa....well someone has to do it....

Then off to Rome, these are the famous Spanish Steps, the pope had just left....

Cistine Chapel...Missed him Again

Went to St Peters Square as well...

Drat missed him....

We then set sail off to Naples, where we visited Pompeii

It ws under volcanic lava for 2000 years, its amazing, they`re still digging it out.

This lady in centre of photo is a real person, the skeleton is inside the lava....

We sailed on...

Fruit carving by chefs...

Towel Art by the cabin boy one of the many things he did
We sailed onto Sardinia

and Spain but OH forgot battery charger.....aaarrrgghhhh

But I forgive him as he booked this holiday as a surprise for me to recover and I`m not sure if I have as Im totally worn out..

So apologises for disappearing but Im back ...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pebble Family

I seen these in a Jewellery Shop and thought I `d give it a go, so I found some pebbles and made my own little family

Tatty Teddy candles

Today I found another use for my stamp. Tatty Teddy. I wanted to decorate some candles.

I purchased these candles at Ikea £1.79 for 4 and they`re a bright white, i then stamped some teddies on to some tissue paper, coloured in with promarkers and attached to the candle using a embossing heat gun. They`re for my daughter t decorate her home for Christmas.

I was pleased how they came out a sshe loves Tatty Teddy

I made a plate of Cookies......BUT

I love the verse that goes with this cookie cutter, it just sums up the fact I always run out of time at Christmas for all I want to do

Cookies for Santa

I purchased this red charger plate for a £1 in Poundland and cut the vinyl out with my Silhouette SD. The studio file is available to purchase in the Silhouette America store for $0.49

It really looks great and cant wait for Otis my elf to see it, he knows Santas coming to pick him up if the cookies are out.

Mr and Mrs Reindeer

I made some of these last year  so heres this years and Mrs Reindeer packaged.

They`re just a flannel and a bar of soap but they look delightful

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Bookatrix

I made this for two very dear friends. They are just sharing their 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary after meeting each other late in life. They are in their 70`s and such a great match. I love them both very much..and hope they like it

New Toy iTool

This is my new toy, I purchased it on Ebay after I seen one working on an American site, so thought I`d have a go.

Heres what I purchased

And as I needed to make a card quickly I made the "Stan" and "glayne" brads quickly with a template made for my studio SD by Doodling Deb on the silhouette Plus forum , I `ll have to ask her permission before I share though. But heres the card I made anyhow

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Magical Santa Cards

I love these toppers / decoupage santas I purchased in the Range recently. And tried to use them in 3 different ways. The charms are a selection of christmas ones on ebay.
The flowers and ribbon from Wild Orchid Crafts
The foilage is cut using Silhouette SD

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wine glass charms suitable for a man..

I made this as a present for my cousin. He likes odd things that are useful so he`s hard to buy presents for.

To make this it cost around 24p and makes a lovely present

All the items are available on ebay, the nautical charms, the seed beads, the cello bags. I printed the card stock myself.

3 Ladies cards

3 cards , same topper from kanban

Penguin Easel Card

I made this today as I decided to treat myself to a crafty day. Thought I`d share it with you. It took longer than expected as I`d not really made an easel card before, but next time I know it would happen abit quicker

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Freebie - School Papers and embellishments

One of the girls over on the Silhouette Plus forum shared this link to the School Is Cool collection , its free so I thought I`d share it with you

And heres the link to take you to the site

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tatty teddies Christmas

Tatty Teds Christmas

This is a 8x 8 card The snowflake background it a snowflake background cut out using a Silhouette SD
The blue frame and flourishes are also done with the silhoutte.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cards from across the seas

Friends in America sent me these cards as part of a card swop and I thought I`d share them with yourselves

How kind of them , both Cecilia and Pat

Husband Anniversary Card

This is an 8 x 8 inch card for a friends husband, she phoned me in a panic to say she couldnt find a suitable card anywhere so would I make one. No pressure there then

The backing paper is Kanban
As is the heart acetate
The lowers wild orchid crafts
the black filigree  - silhouette sd

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Ladies Retro cards x 4

I usually take so long to make one card, I decided to come up with a new way of doing things.

I`d make 4 cards similar but different. That way my mojo would quadruple.

So heres my first 4...

The backgrounds were cut with my trusty Silhouette SD after my forum buddy in America sent me a card and I was loving the lace design as the backing (good idea Pat) I then embellished them various ways to get a different look. 

Voila - Similar but different

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Teenager Boys Card

I made this card for my friends teenage son who is going to be 17.

I struggle with mens cards but thought this card which was modelled on a black and white design to be ideal. I personalised it with his name just to have the feel this card was especially for him

Gifts for Christmas Various wine charms

I made these as gifts for various family members. Theres a variety of differnet ones for Christmas and I`ve packaged them to make them more presentable.

I bought the bits from ebay. The alphabet ones are personalised for family members. I thought the christmas ones quirky. They`re all printed mounted onto card and placed into a cello bag.

I think they make lovely inexpensive stocking fillers

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Cricut Fonts Equivalent

I would like to share this link with you that doodling debbie, over on the silhouette plus forum shared with me. Its the fonts you can cut with a cricut that can be used on our Silhouette SD

Fonts Equivalent

Also check out this blog


Kay has a list of fonts for die cutters, thank you Kay

Friday, 2 September 2011

Carrier sheets for SD silhouette

I have been looking into the price of carrier sheets for a Silhouette SD, these can range from £14 upto £25 so I thought I`d have a go at some homemade ones.

And after using different type of mediums I think these two combos are the best IMO



This worked out at 40p per sheet. I have cut out on them on numerous occasions and the only word of warning is. These are ideal for cutting with the SD but if your cutting a big design I`d still use my carrier sheet. As A4 size is smaller than the carrier sheet.

I have printed and cut. I have cut out detailed background work. All have been great.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Silhouette SD Reindeer Food

One of the girls over on MSE was talking about Reindeer Food and what to use. As I`m about to sell my Big Shot and all the dies I have , I thought to myself I wont have my die for the box anymore . So i made a file on my Silhouette Sd its a box with little reindeers from free clipart and a window cut out of it.

And "reindeer food cut out on red card" I used acetate to fix this to my box.
As soon as file swap is back on line I will share this with you as its my design and you get two boxes from each piece od A4 card.

Hope you like it.

Ladies Card

Today I made this card for a lovely lady over on the Silhouette Plus forum, we`re having a card swop and basically, you join a list and send a card to the person in front of you and the person behind sends you a card

I made 3 very similar and this is one of them

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Silhouette Strikes Again

I made these today on my Silhouette. Using the new software released this week it has enabled me to do "text to point" writing allowing me to bend my text around any shape.

These are going to be a life saver for me as at present I cut some cirles, and then stamp using LOTV stamps. I`m not  a very good stamper and my sentiments are always off centre.

But now thanks to My Sil I can write any sentiment I want and cut out a circle. I can have any edging I want on the line as the new software has a cracking knife tool.

This is my first attempt so I just done a basic circle. But now I have it stored the world is my oyster and I`ve also saved £30 on the Martha Stewart punces I want as my trustee Sil has come up trumps...

What A design tool this is , and endless posibilities

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Tatty Ted

Havent really be feeling up to crafting lately so today, I thought I`d get out my things after receiving this tatty ted stamp in a magazine free

The flowers are from Wild Orchid
The dollys are free from our local coffee shop with a coffee
The Swirls & foilage is cut using the Silhouette SD
Backing papers - Samuel Taylors Brighouse

I did make another card but cant put it on here now as its for a card exchange event taking place on the Silhouette Plus forum


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Silhouette SD and Fonts

All you that know me will know I`m having  abit of a Silhouette time at the moment. I aim to make more use of my cutter .

I found this site the today via my awesome friends on Silhouette forum and thought I`d share it with yourselves.

Click here it has a font that cuts similar to Nestables so how good is that?

Theres plenty of tips to keep us all going

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hitchlock cover - personalised

I`ve been playing around with my silhouette the last couple of days , and must be honest I`m enjoying it immensely

After reading a post over on the Silhouette Forum, see post below . We were talking about inverted images, for cushions.

Which gave me an idea. I recently bought a caravan and have looked at all different types of hitchlock covers, none really appealed so I bought a plain one with a view to "doing something" with it

Well here it is - the yorkshire rose and letters were cut out using the Silhouette SD and applied to the cover.

They came out quiet well I thought

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Girl and Horse Card - I just love these Lili of the Valley Images

Another LOTV image
Stamped sentiment LOTV

Flowers, corner and lace from Wild Orchid carafts
Some flowers, pearl pin and leaves from Country Baskets
Backing papers - Laura Ashley

Get Well Soon Card

The last few cards been made with some Lili of the Valley images and this one is no exception

The image is get well soon
The flowers and lace are Wild orchid Crafts
The gingham ribbon is from Barnsley market
Foledge - Silhouette SD
Backing papers from stash