Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sweet Bouquets

These are ace for teenage boys or any difficult to buy for person

Is it me or are selection boxes getting smaller and smaller

I know we`re saving the environment but the whole point of a selection box to me was to put gifts under the tree i could actually see. I always had a few spare under the tree wrapped in case I needed an emergency present for a few pounds

Now they are spoilt as I would t give out the ones now as the bars inside are so small

So here is my take on it, remember it can cost what you want it to

For my base I`ve used a florist box and some oasis I had left over from a display 

Into the oasis I put kebab sticks or garden support rods

I attahed the sweets to the stick with sellotape before pushing into the oasis

I then wrapped them in cello and added a bow

This one came in under £4, I only buy sweets when they`re on offer, but watch the best before dates

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