Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Christmas or any occasion countdown sign, DIY advent calender

I was in Dunelm Mills the other day and they were selling off their wooden signs for 49p

There were lots left and I dismissed them as I couldn't think who or why I would want them

Then as I perused the Christmas things as one does, i had a light bulb moment

I should purchase some just in case

In case of what I didn't know

Well now I do know after much thought I have come up with this

To make I put masking tape over the edges and painted the white area with blackboard paint

I purchased a small pot on Amazon and boy does it go a long way, its also available here
in case they run out of products

When I link to things sometimes the item is unavailable

I found 2-3 coats covers the writing, I did sand it off one but found it made no difference

Use thin coats and let dry completely between coats

I used 3 coats

When completely dry, remove masking tape

I then cut a template of `days to` and attached to the sign using sticky back plastic

Dab white paint onto the stencil, when dry remove stencil

The reason I have put `days to` is the sign can be used all year around, for Christmas, holidays, Birthdays or any occasion you can think of

I then cut a length of string, attaching one end to the board and the other to a stick of chalk

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