Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Personalised Latte Cups Ideal Gift

I seen these cups selling for 2 for £0.99 in my local Home Bargains, I `ve also seen some for £1.99 each in Dunelm Mills

So I bought a few as presents and decided to individualise them

For this project you will need

Glass coffee cups
Vinyl / templates
Paint brush or sponge

Clean the cup thoroughly and leave to dry
When dry apply the vinyl
Draw or trace your design onto the surface of the vinyl or alternatively using a cutting machine Silhouette SD, Craft Robo,  Cricut  or other machine
Cut out the areas of the design you want to etch , peel and remove these pieces

I have used a family members name here but you can use your own designs

Apply  a thick layer Armour Etch cream onto the design using a brush or sponge, apply liberally
I used a dabbing technique so the whole area is covered

It says on the product to wait 5 minutes but I left mine for a couple of hours because I had other things that required my attention

When dry , wash off the cream with water

Please follow the directions on the label of the Armour Etch, I use gloves as not to get any on my skin 

These make great personalised presents at a fraction of the cost of shop bought gifts

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