Monday, 15 September 2014

Lemax Christmas Village Dept 56

I know its only September, but the build has started, the Christmas Village 1st piece is put in place. I need it to be bigger to the left hand side and 2 tiered so the building continues

My OH is not really a DIY person so much planning and drawing has taken place. I know what my village must look like. Theres so many scraps of paper hanging about with ideas and drawings on them. I must organise them better. 

Whats in my head is not necessarily what I can translate for him to build

So watch this space

The first piece

It doesnt look much. But I think this is the third attempt at putting legs on and building a frame

In a previous post, I was going to build a barge scene into the village for a British feel, on reflection, I have decided to forget this idea as I`ve seen a ship for sale in America and am currently waiting for it to be imported, so have decided to go with the sea and harbour idea. 

The reason for this is because I`ve seen some telephone boxes and red post boxes I want which will provide the British feel

Also I want a ski lift / cable car , I have to re-think things a bit

I did purchase some cable cars, but they`re too small. So have them on ebay and will re-think that idea

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