Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Christmas is a coming - Santa Candy Canes

I have found another use for my candy canes. I`ve made them to hang on the tree or just to give as a little treat. 

I started with :-

A candy cane
Some scalloped circles , punched using a punch
A pink circle
A white circle 
Some white petals
A red ribbon

Fold the white scalloped circle down from the top and glue to a red scallop

Cut part of a pink circle to make a `face` (use a stamp pad to go around the edges to make the face pop) then stick to the white scallop 

Glue the white nose and petals to the face as shown

This one below has been `popped` the one above hasn't, which one do you prefer?

Use a red marker to draw a mouth onto Santa
Attach googly eyes

Fasten onto the candy cane, I used double sided tape and glue, the double sided to position on the cane and the glue for longevity

Attach one of the red circles at the back to neaten it up and to make the Santa more sturdy

Finish with a red ribbon

Here`s a twist, making a reindeer and a snowman, using the above technique

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