Friday, 12 September 2014

Cadburys Dairy Milk Minitures - Santa

These are not difficult to make and are a firm favourite with my family

Firstly take some CDM minitures

Cut some red papers 

65 mm x 35 mm
At this point I like to leave the purple wrappers on, but remove them if you with
Wrap the CDM in double sided tape

When wrapped they will look like this

You can still see the gold wrapper inside

Cut a strip of black paper, I have not specified a size here as its personal choice 
Mine is 10mm

Attach to the red paper using double sided tape

 I then cut some buckles to place over the belt

The CDM looks like this finished

I packaged up my Cadburys Dairy Milk as shown with a cello bag and hand written label

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  1. Great idea. I shall be doing my larger parcels like this and have got black insulating tape for the belt.