Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Love Heart Sweet Tree

I made this to put on a table at a buffet for an 18th Birthday
I need to make another one but differnet sweets, that will have to wait until I get another pot

To make :-
Take one flower pot 10p at car boot sale
A bamboo cane 10 for 99p Home bargains
Put the bamboo cane in the pot carry around in your car for a week and you`re bound to find someone using cement. (Like I did) Ask them to cement cane in pot - free
It makes the pot heavy to take the weight of the sweet tree above
I then bought 100 rolls of love hearts on amazon for £6.39 including delivery (300 are cheaper)
I picked up a 12cm sphere florists ball at country baskets 6 for £9.99
To attach the Love Hearts to the tree I used a hot glue gun. I tried everything else, it wouldnt work and eventually purchased a gun from ebay for £4.57 with 52 glue sticks
The ball took 70 rolls and I put some in the flower pot


  1. This is amazing! They are £30+ from online stores for one!

    I would get some green glitter paint or nail varnish and paint the bamboo.

  2. Good idea on painting the bamboo, this was was coloured in using a gold marker which doesnt show very well in picture