Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cadburys Dairy Milk and Milky Bars Christmas Treats

Mr Rudolf is a Cabburys Dairy Milk (6 for £1) wrapped up in backing paper. The antlers, ears and nose cut out of card. Eyes purchased from ebay 99p for 20 sets.

Mrs Rudolf covered in a lighter backing paper.She is also a milky Bar (6 for £0.99 Asda) She has a red plush nose from The Works (99p for 20 various sizes) She has a little ribbon scarf.
The tags are card with a christmas holographic picture on

Mr Rudolf as above.

Frosty has a tie , carrot nose and hat cut from card. Same eyes as Mr & Mrs Rudolf.

They are both packaged in a cello bag. I purchased 50 for a £1 in Poundland.

Total cost to make one set : Is roughly about 40p and a little bit of time

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