Monday, 30 April 2012

Christmas Survival Guide

Anadin 0r Ibroprofen - to take away the headache of overdoing things Available £1 shop 3 boxes

Tea - To calm, rehydrate and relax you £0.29 at Sainsburys for 80 

Peppermints / Heartburn Tablet - to settle the stomach from overindulging in all the rich foods

Slimfast Bar - Ready to start the diet in the new year - Available at Home Bargains / Boots

Diary, Handbag /Pocket size  - to track all of the must do's available in £££ stores from September

CD - All your favourite Carols or soothing, quiet music to listen to while wrapping presents

Candle - Cinnamon or Spiced Apple to light while packing to set the atmosphere

Bubble bath  - To relax and chill out available in supermarkets (Morrisons - 18p)

I make these as joke gifts and put in little giftbags, trying to source tins about tobacco size to put htem in. Plastic ones would do, anyone?

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  1. I love your gift ideas, thank you very much xx