Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Party In A Box Less than a £1

Heres my latest venture on things for Christmas.

I am determined to be more organised this year and have decided to make some of these for gifts for the family

Firstly I covered some boxes, these are old hair products ones from the boots 3 for 2 event
I find it cheaper to buy the more expensive shampoo / conditioner this way especially if you wait for the 70% sale

So I covered them with 12 x 12 backing papers
The letters are from a range at Kanban when the factory shop was good value, now they keep the best stuff for their "friends"

So inside the box I put the following

Balloons - 2p each , pack of 50 at Asda
Blowers 12p each on ebay
Straws 100 for 19p B&M
Bubbles  13p each (12 for £1.50)
Umbrellas 39p for 20 Home Bargains
Party Poppers 7p each Asda
Stirrer and Ice cube bought in a set 69p for 40 items Asda
Sparklers Amazon 99p for 10

Grand cost 62p

For the smaller children, I`m taking out the sparklers and putting some mini cans of coke in

As they were for family I put in

I had to watch the sell by dates as I needed them to go past Christmas
The shotz are 4 for 99p in Home Bargains
The Grants £1.25 they are in Asda on offer at the moment 4 various ones for £5.00
The wine also in Home Bargains 99p

This one is for the stepson and his wife so for less than a fiver (£3.12) a fun Christmas present

These prices are correct and i have been sourcing the things for months at my leisure as I know what I wanted to do


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