Thursday, 7 April 2011

3D Jungle Card

I am very fond of giraffes and when an opportunity came up to do a jungle card I grabbed it with both hands.
This card is like an expanding book.
I used pipe cleaners for the branches and the leaves are wire and tissue paper.
The backing is a camoflage paper from create & craft.

I did originally make it for a new born as they wanted a jungle theme but felt I`d like to send something more traditional, so changed it to birthday
It was great fun to make, if a little fiddly and have lots of ideas moving around the old grey matter, hopefully this will start my mojo off as seem to have lost it lately


  1. Wow, love it, it looks great and I love the idea

  2. Fantastic card Susan!!! Amazing!! Jaqui x

  3. Adorable, I love jungle themes... this is so cute! x

  4. This is lovely, it looks like it must have taken you ages to make xx