Friday, 15 October 2010

Pots Of Gold

I decided to make some pots of gold, try and turn it int a bit of a family tradition. Last year two of the recipients won £5 each on the scratchcard, i was worried they`d hit the jackpot, but it made a nice present

The contents are :-
eclairs 29p in Asda
£1 scratchcard
Coins 2 for £1 in Home Bargains
Elves 20p in One Stop
Ferroro Roche BOGOF in CO-Op

Placed into a little wicker pot sprayed gold and gift wrapped

And the verse printed by Vista print

I have loads spare if anyone wants any. They`re the size of a postcard


  1. These are such a fab idea
    Twiggy x

  2. Great pots of gold. Love the little tag. Jaqui x

  3. I have made these for the last couple of years and most have won! xx

  4. Great idea, glad they won something!

  5. Fab idea - I might do this for my table gifts. Thanks for sharing. x

  6. They look brilliant and the label is perfect.

  7. hi these are a brilliant idea where did you buy the little baskets from?

  8. I collected the baskets in a charity shop. As I cant find any around, I now cover a muller rice / yoghurt tub with gold paper to use this year