Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cupcakes....and Chocolate Sweets

I wanted to make some cupcakes, I`ve been watching cupcake wars recently and wanted to try my hand . So I made 4 cupcake flavours

Coffee & Gingerbread

They came up better than I thought they would and I packed 4 up out of a total of 20 for my friends present

I do want to make my own boxes but ran out of time so this is a shop bought one

I also thought I`d make some chocolates for here 1st attempt

I made cherry, fruit and nut , sherbet and marshmallow ( I blame Legendmum from MSE who gave me the link to look at chocolate slabs)

I made the mistake of putting the ingrediants in before the chocolate, but I suppose you can see what the chocolates are


  1. Wow lucky friends! Your cupcakes look delicious and I love the wrappers and the box you've popped them in. Love the look of your choccies too. x

  2. I've been watching cupcake wars too! Very very well done. Excellent presentation. I love the wraps you've used. Don't tell me you made those as well. Making me hungry.

  3. They are stunning!!! You learn from your mistakes, so I'd have eaten these and made some more :)

  4. Oh my goodness!! They look fantastic!! Your friends are soo lucky having such scrumptious gifts.x

  5. Your cupcakes are stunning Susan i'm so jealous (and hungry now!!) x

  6. They look yummy. And that's great icing = mine never looks like that!