Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mr & Mrs Reindeer Flannel

Heres my first reindeer flannels of the year.

First open your flannel so a diamonds pointing at you, then put a bar of soap in th middle
Pick up the corner nearest you and the furthest and hold above the soap and roll down
Next lift up the two sides and fasten above the soap , these are the years

Put a bell around mr reindeers years, And a bow over Mrs reindeer
Attach some pipe cleaners and shape into antlers and attach some miniture bells

Put on some eyes from hobbycraft
And  a red nose from ebay

On Mrs Reindeer chalk on some rouge cheeks



  1. Really cute makes - I really must make a start on my Christmas bits. :)

  2. Totally fab, I must have a go at these !
    twiggy x