Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sams 18th Birthday cake - sweets sweets and more sweets

Tomorrow my twins are 18, the girl part has moved to Wales so I ordered a cake from Sainsburys from her, a balloon in a box and took lots of hampers down to a friend to be delivered tonight

The boy part lives at home and hes not a big cake eater, but loves sweets so heres his "Birthday Cake "

The blue square with sam on is actually a lolly I covered, theres a couple on the cake. The other ones at the back


  1. That looks great. What a great idea when they dont like cake. My neice doesnt like cake either, sweets would be a great idea

  2. Wow - that looks fab Susan! What a pity my birthday is 11 months away - I want a 'cake' like that!

    Julie (elysia2003) xxx

  3. Just found you via MSE forum, love this project !!