Thursday, 2 September 2010

18th Birthday Survival Kit

In here was 18 things taken from the list below...
I think the ones you pick should be relevant to the person

Starburst – For that quick burst of energy when you need it most, some are for older people

Plaster – For when things get a little rough

Penny – So you can never say you are broke

Battery – To recharge yours so you can keep on going ... and going ...

Marbles – For when you have lost yours

Rubber Band – To give you that extra bit of flexibility to meet the targets

Eraser – So you can start each day with a clean slate

Crayons – You make everyday bright and colourful

Mint – You are worth a mint to me

Candle – You are the light of my life

Paperclip – To hold us close together

Match – We are a perfect match

Popcorn – You are always popping into my thoughts

Stick of gum – Let us stick together

Puzzle piece – Without you I am not whole

Crayons – To make our friendship bright and beautiful

Happy Face – Smiling is contagious

Mint – You’re worth a mint to me

Puzzle Piece – Without you I am not whole

Tooth Pick – To pick out the good qualities in everyone

Plaster – For healing those hurt feelings

Tissue – To wipe away the tears of sadness and joy

Button – Sometimes it is best to button your lip

Crayons – May your future together be bright and colourful

Mint – your worth a mint to each other

Paper Clip – To help you hold it all together

Stick Of Gum – To help you stick together

Puzzle Piece – You are an import piece of each others life

Button – Sometimes it is better to just button your lip

Eraser – Because everyone makes mistakes

Crayons – For brightening my day and always warming my heart

Candle – For being my guiding light

Battery – For all of the times you never gave up on me and kept me going ... and going ... and going ...

Pack of Seeds – Thank you for helping me to grow

M&M’s – Because you are a “Marvellous Mum”

Confetti – To celebrate you ... The worlds best mum

Crayons – To colour all of your days bright and sunny

Happy Face – Have a happy retirement

Teabag – Retirement is one long tea break

Mint – Retire“mints” are when you stop living at work and start working at living

Candle – To make your future bright

Penny – Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves

Pack of Seeds – So all of your dreams can grow like the garden of your dreams

10p – to be able to phone home

Party feet – For all that dancing

Tea bag – Sit down, relax and have a drink when the visit is over

Mint – You're job as a Grandad is worth a mint

Candle – To be their guiding light

Tissue – For cleaning up those little messes

Cotton wool balls – For when you can't hear yourself think

Marble – to replace the ones you will lose

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