Friday, 9 April 2010

Jewellery for Daughter and Nautical Themed Necklace

I must admit I enjoyed making these purely because the set of earrings and bracelet was for my daughter, which she loves and because the nautical one I`ve decided to keep for me.

The bracelet is made using memory wire with various size beads, randomly (which is difficult to do) put onto wire.

The earrings were made to match, her choice of colours.

I found the necklace a pleasure to make because I knew what I wanted and after receiving so many lovely comments about my 1st bracelets, about matching outfits etc , I felt I had more confidence to proceed.

I would love for you to tell me what you think, that way I can correct any mistakes.


  1. Gorgeous :D Love the necklace...actually love them all :D x

  2. They are lovely, I love chunky memory wire bracelets I always get asked about mine when I wear them, the bug amber beads are beautiful!

  3. Mistakes! What mistakes!! These are ALL gorgeous. Great work!! Jaqui x