Sunday, 21 March 2010

My first attempts at Jewellery Making

I decided to have a go at making jewellery as whoopidoo on MSE made a beautiful bracelet and I loved it so much that I wanted to see what I could make. I`ve also been looking for a green bracelet for weeks that I would like and having found nothing made my own.

I joined the MSE jewellery thread and thanks to some nice friendly people, I had a go.

Here are my first attempts, I posted the one with the strawberry on, but to be honest I`ll probably take it apart because it doesnt sit right on the bracelet.

1st one Strawberry not right

2nd one

My favourite, which is a combination of 3 bracelets together


  1. Ooh these are gorgeous Susan, I'm in love with the heart on the second one and that green one is yum... reminds me of sweeties!

  2. Gorgeous makes, love them. I too am trying to get into jewelly making, I've just bought some bits from ebay, just got to find the time to make something :) x

  3. They are all lovely Susan. Great colour choices.

    Poppy x

  4. Well done susan, your bracelets look fantastic. Are you going to keep them for yourself or are they pressies? Jaqui x