Saturday, 6 March 2010

Heard of sock monkeys??? Heres Marvyn the Zebra

My partner bought me a sewing machine for my birthday as I`m so bad at sewing ( I cant sew a button on without getting in a mess)

Well I opened the box and having never used a sewing machine in my life, I found the instructions were in Spanish. So I sat there for ages trying to thread a needle, then realised it had a bobbin?

I was not happy at all but I`m a very determined person and together with a translation site I decided to make a Zebra out of a pair of socks, I dont know why, sometimes I think I`m nuts but I perservered and the result is Marvyn (madagascar) Zebra.

I am kind of proud of him, but I do realise sewing is not for me, I have the tension all wrong and it kept snapping the cotton, and I havent a clue why but I enjoyed doing it I must admit


  1. I love marvyn and well done for perservering. I was a sewing virgin til new year and was delighted with my first project which was basically two rectangles of material sewed together on 3 sides to make an ipod bag - yours is way more impressive (and cuter) - *clap clap* x

  2. He's soo cute! I love the way you've done his hair. Very clever! Jaqui x

  3. He's gorgeous, I love him :D What a great make for your 1st go, well done you x

  4. He's fantastic. Brilliant first make. x

  5. Oh dear - tell me about it! I snapped a needle on my first outing with my machine, tried to get the bobbin out and the whole casing came out... now I can't get it all back in and to work properly. So my easy peasy first project of a tissue holder... has been wonkily stitched by hand!!

    Love your zebra though, so cute!