Sunday, 14 February 2010

At last Rupert Rainbow

I have spent the last three weeks learning myself to knit, which is a great achievement as I`m left handed, and I`ve learnt right handed.

My first project I got from where there are loads of patterns, I choose the free rainbow baby pattern. And i perservered until he was complete. I`ve put a photo up of him and christened him Rupert.

I was knitting him for charity but my 17 year old daughter snaffled him.

I`ve since purchased Jean greenhowes Scarecrow family and am currently working on the grandfather, I`ll let you know how I get on. Its slow because I have problems with my hands, but rewarding


  1. I love him! What a cutie - can't believe he's your first project. Well done - look forward to seeing the scarecrows :o)

  2. He is amazing! No way looks like your first. My daughters have the scarecrow family which was made by my Mum who is no longer with us, they are very cherished - the little girl one in particular :o) I look forward to seeing yours.

  3. He's fab. Well done on teaching yourself to knit I had to do the same thing as I'm a leftie too! I'm currently teaching myself to crochet which as you can imagine is great fun!! I hope you post piccies of the finished family. x

  4. He is lovely Susan. Anyone would be delighted to receive him as a gift.

  5. Wow He's gorgeous and for a first project he's brilliant. I'm so impressed I've been knitting since I was little and still can't get to grips with stripes. WELL DONE!! xx