Thursday, 19 September 2013

Christmas Tree Sweet Tree

As I told you the beginning of the week, I bought some things at Makro, this is what I did with them

I also got some Maoam strips from Amazon to make some but they havent arrived as of yet 

Christmas Tree Sweet Tree

Polystyrene Cones
Selection of flat sweets.   Eg Refreshers Drumsticks Maoam
Hot Glue gun
Cello for presentation


Take a cone , this one is 20cm tall, but you can make them as big as you want them to suit your taste and budget

I then coloured my cone green with a felt pen, you could also paint it if you so wish
The reason I do this as if you leave it white the colour seems to peek through, I think black would also be a good colour

Then starting at the bottom stick the sweets to cover the whole lower part as shown they should attach fairly quickly as you are using hot glue

When you have the first layer on , move on to a second layer using the same technique as above. Continue in layers until you reach the top

I used 4 layers for my tree

On the top put a Santa’s hat or cut out a red star from cardboard. Both ideas shown below

Decorate the finished tree with some cello and a festive ribbon