Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Friendship Survival Kit

As a request to a friend I`ve posted this survival guide...

Mint : your worth a mint to me

Button Its better to button your lip , rather than say something thats not nice

Toothpick : to pick out the good qualities

Rubber Band : for flexibility

Safety pin : to keep us together

Flower : If friends were flowers I`d pick you

Stone : painted with a smiley face . Smiling is contagious

Star - to reflect your inner beauty

Tissue : For drying tears

Candle : you light up my life

Paperclip:to keep everything together 

Gold Thread: Friendship is the golden thread that binds our hearts together

Marbles : to help you replace the ones you`ve lost

You can mix and match these with other survival guides on my blog, enjoy

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