Saturday, 21 May 2011

Little chap fishing

I`ve received some nice goodies from Lili of the valley this week. So I made this little chap fishing.

The backing papers were from a collection of freebies from Cardmaking and Papercraft

The little boy Image was from Lili of the Valley as to was the Time to Celebrate stamp.

The base card was a selection of card by Kanban, can you tell I live not far from the factory shop?

The buttons I found in my handbag, must be from an item of clothing I have bought somewhere.

I love him I think he`s really cute and drew my inspiration from The Lili of the Valley website.If I didnt spend so much time on these sites I could make loads of craftie items


  1. Great card! Think we are all guilty of spending a lot of time on other's sites, but think of it as 'research'. Hope you don't find you need those buttons back!

    How lucky you are to live near to the Kanban factory shop! I live near to a cake factory and we can smell them cooking - but they don't have a shop! ;-) xx

  2. whoo they are fab. I keep saying i'll visit the kanban shop but never get there .

  3. MMM think I would prefer living next to cake shop....

  4. I love the colour theme - I think I've seen that somewhere before! :)

    I love Lili of the Valley - I have lots of their images too.

    I wish I lived next to the Kanban shop - It's not fair!!!