Saturday, 5 February 2011

MMMM cupcakes

I ran out of cases the other day so had to improvise using cupcakes, I made the sponge mixture up as usual and drooped it into the ice cream cone and cooked the cake. I then piped vanilla butter cream on as usual and decorated with a flake, they came up lovely and would definately use them again

I had a few people over on Wednesday 40 in total so as well as the cupcakes I made a fresh strawberry tart, this is it before I piped fresh cream on it

These ones are chocolate orange and though they tasted yummie, IMO they were a bit sickly but the chocoholics loved them


  1. Wow those cones cakes look lovely! Did you cook the cake in the cones? All the others look scrummy too!

  2. Oh my those ice cream cupcakes are amazing, lucky guests!!! If you don't mind me asking where did you get the ice cream cone mould from? Thanks Claire x

  3. Its not a mould, its the actual ice cream container, put mixture straight in to cone and baked