Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Otis Sugar Socks Day 2

Today I had to go up to art club, and we were having what you yorkshire people call a "fuddle", I call it a buffet or party.

Everyone bought a plate of something to eat and when I opened my craft bag, Otis and his family popped out. So they went over to look at the food.

At this point not all the food was on the table as it was early.

Well more people came in with their things and after a bit I could see Otis "peek a booing" over the top of the food


The family soon got bored and came over to see what I was doing, I noticed they had brought some food with them

I told them off as we hadnt started the food, they were very naughty and had helped themselves without asking ..sometimes you have to keep a close eye on them because otherwise they cause a lot of trouble.

So to make amends they wanted to help me paint

So they can be good if they try

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