Tuesday, 25 May 2010

2nd Knitting make, meet Sid Scarecrow

Meet sid, hes taken a good while to learn to knit, because I knit left handed, I discovered when I bought a book "knitting for dummies"

I taught myself to knit right handed and hes the result, Sid Scarecrow. He was knitted from the Jean Greenhowe patterns.

He has his faults but I love him


  1. Wow look at him!!! you have triggered memories for me as I remember as a child my Granny used to knit these kind of things for both myself and my sister, I think you should make more and sell them!! he is adorable! xx

  2. He's fab. I'm left handed and am learning to crochet atm - finding it really hard. x

  3. He is brilliant! Wish I could knit like that.
    Kandi x

  4. He is amazing! Love all the little details. Brilliant. Jaqui x