Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lazy Sunday 2 ladies cards and 1 man

I spent the day having an organisation day in my craft room, I put all the christmas craft away and tried to tidy up. One thing I found was all my ribbons loose everywhere.

So I found an old CD holder and put them all on there, wish I`d thought of this before. I could really do with some new storage but money wont allow at present.

After my sort out I made some cards with a couple of friends birthdays coming up so I made 2 ladies and 1 man. They dont photograph well because I used silver Miri board.

I was telling people on MSE that I`m learning to knit, I purchased Knitting For Dummies and have learnt to cast on , after 4 hours, and I can Knit and Purl and Cast off. Unfortunately I use both hands to do everything so I have been having difficulty knitting but I will keep trying. I`ve stuck a label on my lead hand now so I know which one it is.

Last night I got completely confused by Knit 1 , purl 1, I couldnt remember where I was, was the wool front or back....what a mess, so now I`m knitting whole rows one at a time, practicing

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